Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm not really the change type. So things like newness and suddenly having to switch apartments scares me. especially when I don't really know my roommates and I have one day to be out or I get fined and I am out of town and have no control over the situation. When things like this happen I stop freaking out and just go in to a comotose mental state.

So here I am at my new apartment that has a balcony watching other people move out because their lease is up at the end of the month too, I guess. But this is not even my pemenant home. This is a temporary place until we can for sure move into the house. So things are kindof really shaky. and every day might be the day we can move in. So we are all in a kindof a limbo situation. Suspended between houses.

I don't know at all how it will all work out. Or if I will like my roommates. I know I love the house. But this in-between state is like a moment of truth to see how things will be for the rest of the semester.

The instant I walked in I knew something was very different about my new living situation. Maybe it was the fancy looking rug on the floor, or the 20-something potted plants growing in the front room, but something has made me feel like a stranger. Like I don't belong yet.

 I had never even seen the apartment until my roommates started helping me move my stuff in. It doesn't feel like home yet. It doesn't feel like anything. It feels like a waiting room in the hospital where I can sit and read a magazine and wait for a loved one to come out of surgery. and will it be successful? and will he feel better now? One thing is for sure. Once we walk out of that waiting room together, things will never be the same.

I want to go. To a friends place maybe. To somewhere where I don't have to wonder what is behind this door, or who lives in what room and what is his last name again? Its strange to be new to something. A change in the scenery. A permenant change to my new surroundings; and perhaps they will change me too.

I'm scared out of my mind and I am practically shaking as I think about what lies in store. But I will just have to sit back and enjoy the ride where ever it takes me.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Busier Update

Yeah, so remeber when I said that Monday was busy? YEAH RIGHT cause on Thursdays I have class for 12 hours.(including my work study job) Beat that miss 59 1/2 credits!

So what did I do to relax after 12 hours of class? Watched some Buffy with my peeps. Oh yes.

Acctually I don't even really like Buffy.

Also I stayed up until like two in the morning.

Also i want to go to Disneyland this weekend.

Also the world in not probably ending in 2012. but you didn't hear it from me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I hope you don't like oatmeal.

Oh microwavable oatmeal you have failed me. sigh Thank goodness for Jordin Sparks for keeping me in a good mood. Ugh I nay never want oatmeal again. Why am I still eating this?

This is my dissappointing oatmeal. Note the earbud. Thats where Jordin is singing to me.

SO guess what I did last night? A Date Dash. You probably haven't heard of it ever. I kindof invented it. With my cousin and her roommates. Its a race to get a date in 15 mins or less. It was super the funnest thing ever. I think this is going to be a regular occurence...

This oatmeal is like chopped up slugs and cinnamon and parmesian cheese. Whatever.... Take it away Jordin. 'why does love always feel like a battlefield? Like a battle field? why does love always feel like....'

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Lied. Houses are Nice.


I think I am in love! With my new potential home!! And this time it is not even an apartment, its a home. And homes are all loving and inviting and hug you when you walk in the door and offer you Ovaltine and cookies. That's the difference between an apartment and a house.

Its like I can see the ground of the abyss and there is a sunny patch with cute little flowers and bunnies and a pond with fish that are jumping merrily and there is a real live rainbow with a pot of gold and the air smells like apple pie and roses and has magical glitter in it that makes you breathe money. (Gosh, my analigies are brilliant)

Anyway thats my new (potential) house. Which I love with all my heart and I hope it will welcome me and make my life happy and harmonious.

The End

Houses are mean.

So this blog is supposed to be about my everyday I guess. I dunno what I was thinking when I named it. But I just now decided that I will try to post everyday. But no promises. And most of it will probly have nothing to do with my day. Like this one.

So here's the low down: Houses are mean. But mostly just to me. Its like they don't want me living in them or something. By houses I really mean apartments, but that title wouldn't be as cool.

So for my freshman year of college I had my housing all set and then a big gunk of life blew up in my face and suddenly I was skydiving into an abyss of you-no-longer-have-an-apartment. So I said, 'Ha! I can so do this. I'll have a new apartment by this afternoon.' It didn't work out quite like that, but pretty close.

So now I have a new apartment. But SHA-BAM! 'Hold on!' say all the little blown up pieces of life and then they blow up in my face again. And its like a re-occuring nightmare and I am skydiving sans parachute and my apartment is all. 'Hey don't mess with us. We are apartments and we are mean!'

So thats kind of where I am in life right now. But never fear! I am pretty much already not even close to having another place to live. But I have options. And as every avid dater knows, options are good. It means there is now light in the abyss and I can choose where I want to land. This is good news.

And now i am done ranting.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Busy Update

So I guess Monday is my BUSY day. I just found that out today because everything and a half just happened to me. And not just classes. K mostly just classes. I'm taking 19 credits, and I'm not allowed to say that in public because then people are all: well I am taking 59 1/2 credits beat that. Then I feel all insecure. This happens often.

K everyone 19 credits is a lot!! Promise! And I am taking a buch of music classes which are only 1 credit even though they make you do all kinds of stuff outside of class. Like concerts. And tours. Yeah my life is so hard people. Get with it and sympathize with me. Cause your not gettin anything from me. if you wanna talk about it we can go get ice cream sometime though. I'll pay.

Right now I am relaxing by facebook stalking people. Its a really bad pastime, I know, but it is just so fun. I wish I could get paid for it. I can't think of a good reason anyone would hire me to do that cause really anyone can stalk you on facebook. You could be stalking me right now. If so leave me a comment to let me know. I'll be flattered.

Ugh I have a headache. You don't care, but remember what I was saying about being sympathetic to me? yeah. If you have any intention of following this blog you are going to have to put up with a lot of that. Sorry. But its better than talking about it to my peers.

Maybe I could get a psychiatrist and he could listen to all of my petty, insignificant problems. Except for they cost money. So that idea is out the window. Nice thought though.

I am totally impressed that you got this far. I didn't even get this far. I got someone else to finish this blog for me. Don't believe that. It is an untruth.


So you probably didn't know this but this is my fourth blog. How ridiculous right? You might ask WHY?? as the title suggests. Its because I have Life From the Sidelines where I get to pretend that I am the funniest thing that ever happened. I have Book Ends to talk all about my reading material. and I have chadmer where I post when I am feeling emotional or have some deep thought.

This is my post-when-and-what-ever-the-heck-I-feel-like blog.

It might be a failure as I don't post as often as I want. But sometimes I really want to say stuff that isn't book related, funny, or deep. This is where all that junk is gonna go.