Monday, February 14, 2011

Feeling the Love?

I'm not.
Not that I'm a Valentine's hater. Yeah Love conquers all and all that. Whoo hoo. Valentine's is not something imma bash on. But don't expect me to get all lovey-dovey on you. Unless you are going to get all lovey-dovey on me, in which case I might become a more avid Valentine's Day supporter. But no promises.

So things were pretty much just fine today. It didn't rain, snow or tornado. Nobody tried to kill me. People tolerated my existance. No attractive girls came up to tango with me. (P.S. that wasn't a good thing) I didn't get lovin from my love-muffin. Mostly cuz I don't even have a love-muffin. (Except for a few girls i am secretly dating online that don't actually know about me yet. Also not good.)

SO it was pretty normal, ya know. Heartless teachers trying their hardest to fail me and whatnot. Of course I ALWAYS COME OUT ON TOP!!!!!!!!

The real fun began after school. Which is when I started getting ready for a Non-Themed Potluck on Valentine's Day! Meaning I had to clean the kitchen and dining room while making minestrone soup and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and giving everyone party updates. I felt like Superman a little bit for doing all those things at once. But mostly I felt like I was about to melt into a pile of onion flavored jello. Fun to look at, but really pretty gross and pointless. And gross.

So people came and some of them brought food and I was an ideal host and didn't tell anyone that I had hid all of the dirty dishes in the oven. There was real love in that room people. It was like 'oh all my frineds are together. Kodak moment! Lets take a picture and put it on my blog!' (yes I was really thinking of you. Happy Valentine's Day) The whole picture thing didn't happen though. I thought about drawing something for you, but you aren't worth the effort. (Now we can both have a dissappionting Valentine's Day.)

Anyway then people were all lingery and I was all tired and needing to not freak out on people and pretend I was listening, but as soon as everybody left, I was getting on my Margarita! Oh yes!

I went to a (Virgin) Margartia Night at a friends, and that was all the love I needed. And more. There were a few awkward moments, but what do you expect when we are all drinking sprite and margarita mix? Yeah, I know, bad excuse. BUT ITS THE DAY OF LOVE FOR PETE'S SAKE!! Yup, good excuse for anything. I could probably get away with anything if I just shouted that loud enough after the deed. Also attractive girls would probably tango with me. while biting a rose.

Back at home I got a call that said:  CHAD YOU HAVE A  WHY AM I USING CAPS LOCK SO MUCH? PACKAGE! It was a Valentine's Day package from the fam. With on of those speaking cards. Also chocolate. and gum. For fresh breath while tango-ing. Aw thanks family. At least someone loves me : ) <3


  1. oh chad, i love you! sorry i missed your dinner yesterday! stinkin women's quartet...

  2. Did you really want to freak out? I thought the pot luck went well.