Monday, April 25, 2011

My Post-Bucket List

If you're not me, you've probably done some pretty stupid things in your lifetime.
How do I keep from doing stupid stuff? SUPER SIMPLE: I just tell myself I will do it after I die.

I figure I better not screw up this life too much, so when I have the urge to do something really stupid and/or dangerous I just let myself know that I can totally do all that stuff whenever I get reincarnated or whatever. I don't really believe in reincarnation though, so there is kindof a flaw in this logic. Whatevs, it works for me...

K mostly I just try to avoid things that I will regret... ya know things that will permenantly alter my life in a way that might not be that fun in about a week, like running away to join the circus. Or stuff that I am just plain scared to do, like swimming with sharks. Anyway, I've compiled all my Crazy ambitions into a blog post which is aptly called the Post-Bucket List

Rob a Bank- come on who wouldn't want to do this? The movies make it look really fun and exciting. If I ever become a legit robber I will blame oceans eleven

Assasinate someone really important- Also I blame the media. Or maybe I am just a crime junkee on the inside. I'll let you know.

Camp out on the Reservation- I have this thoery that the reservation really isn't scary at all and that there is just a lot of talk to keep people out of the Indian's business. I have never had the courage to try to prove this theory. Anyone up for a campout?? I'll bring pizza!

Gator Wrestling- This would be awesome. Especially if I was super skilled and could own that gator. Actually it would't be fun at all unless I owned that gator. Cause then I would be dead or something. I would probably get news coverage though.

Start an epic computer virus that wipes out the majority of the world's technology- Then I would hide in my house with my years supply of oreos, peanut butter and fruit juice and watch humanity try to survive.

Haunt something- I guess since I will be dead I totally can do this probably, even if I can't do any of this other stuff.

Go and live with wild animals- I think this happened in a movie. Like the Jungle Book or Tarzan something. I would go and be a child of the wolves and it would be epic and also I might get a book written about me. Or a Disney movie.

Become a drug lord- Money. Power. Near Death Experiences. Whats not to love about this job? Oh and You don't have to pay taxes. Hmmm maybe I shouldn't wait to do this one....


  1. You might could cross some of these off all at the same time. Wrestle an Important Aligator to the death on a Reservation. That's like 3 right there.

    Also don't knock running away to join the Circus! My highschool theatre teacher dropped out of college to join the circus and now she is head of one of the top 5 highschool theatre programs in the country!

  2. @Choirchick well maybe that worked for her but it definatley isn't my thing. Some people make a living off of being a drug lord. Or assasinating people. Or camping out on the rez (You know those ghost hunter shows where they go to Indian burial grounds and stuff).

    I'm not hating. I just wouldn't ever do any of this stuff even though I really want to do some of it...

    Also props for being in one of the best theatre programs in the country.

  3. haha first off, I love how you call me by my username. :P It's Vikki. Also I'm pretty sure you totally will end up robbing a bank someday. It seems like something you would do.

  4. @ :P It's Vikki. I don't think so. My Dad is a banker so he would discourage that. However it also gives me easier access. We will just have to see...

  5. Hahahhaah. You see, that's the perfect cover. I mean who would be dumb enough to steal from a bank when their dad is a banker?? They would NEVER suspect you! I mean assuming they don't check this blog post for evidence.