Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hope this is worth reading.

I find that some of my best posts happen when I just start typing with no goal in mind. This will be one of those.

Jamming to Britney Spears. And thinking about things. like why am I suddenly not funny. I am such a failure at  life. Bleh. Well I guess  I will keep saying things anyway. Even though they are stupid. And the girl I want to date is in a relationship. And I can't date her anyway because I am going on a mission in no time flat. I would mention her name but if she read this it would be really awkward. I'm pretty sure we are supposed to get married though. She doesn't know yet. Or that I exist probably.

Also I am at home tonight for the one millionth time in a row. That is what I miss about college: being able to hang out with people. I haven't done that since a long time ago. I hope you all feel very sorry for me. I just need to lose myself in a choclate oblivion

OH OH OH OH!!!!! My new obsession: The Voice on NBC. It's like the next American Idol. BUt nothing is better than American Idol. heres a clip:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well it looks like I'm alone again

I am home alone again for a few days sue to my family is on a trip and left me here to work. yay.

Its interesting the things I learn about myself whilst home alone. For example I do not eat. Like at all. Its kinda sad. Also I think that there is nothing to do but internet. Which is NOT TRUE.

Its not all bad though. I am going to join them tomorrow by driving to Pheonix and getting on a plane by myself!! I'm terrified!! :D

i am so terribly klutzy and awkward that something is bound to go terribly wrong. Not like life-threatening wrong, more like I-will-always-remeber-how-stupid-and-embarrassed-I-feel-right-now wrong.

I want to say that No one will be safe at sky harbor airport once I step in, but that sounds really threatening and would probably get me arrested if any airport personel were to read it.

K lets put it into perspective: i have been on a plane only once in my life, and that was sixth grade for the sea camp trip. My parents weren't there, but we were heavily guarded by chaperones. Even then I found a way to embarass myself by throwing up all over everything. Which is bad. If you throw up in an airport, people pretend to feel bad for you but underneath they are really saying 'I can't belive this kid throwing up everywhere and making us pretend to feel bad. Lets glare at him when he is not looking.' The event is probably on youtube. Actually on second thought it probably isn't on youtube because youtube wasn't invented yet. If I throw up tomorrow you can bet your lucky stars that I will be trending within 24 hours.

Also I am terrified of terrorists. With the serious security at airports there must be dozens of 'em trying to blow things up like everyday. What am I supposed to do if I am confronted by a terrorist? I don't even know. Probably hunt him down and shoot him but not release the photos online and shrowd the event in mystery. Thats what my president would want. Or twitter about it.

Also (and this is a little embarassing)  I have only driven down to the valley once. And it was last week. What if I forget that I am driving and crash into a tree? It could happen. Or what if I pick up a hichhiker who also happens to be a terrorist? Or a Zombie? And what do I do if the air port is not where y GPS tells me it is? And what if I run out of gas on the rez? There is so much to worry about.

And don't even get me started on the layovers...

(Hey ya''ll sorry that this post is stupid. You probably hate me. I am just not on top of my game. But I feel the need to post this mediocre crap anyway. I blame cucumbers.)

Monday, June 20, 2011

RIP Friday

As you all should know, the sensational hit song "friday" by Rebecca Black has been removed from Youtube. I guess her parents got in a fight with Ark Music company and thought it would be best to remove the vid til after it was resolved. Or possibly forever. I really hope not though.I love "Friday"

My heart goes out to Rebecca. She was enjoying her 15 minutes of fame and all of a sudden no one can see her video. Mostly my heart goes out to me as I may never see that wonderful music video again. I hope to see more from the very talented Rebecca Black soon. You have forever changed me. With or without the video I will always be getting down on Friday in my heart. <3

Friday, June 3, 2011

Work Part 2

So here is how things have gone with work so far:

All the People In Charge of Me got together on my first day and said: This Chad kid is new. Let's make him a stacker because that job takes little skill and concentration.

The next day the People In Charge of Me got together and said: Well Chad is a horrible stacker. Let's make him a packer as that job requires even less skill and concentration.

A few days later the People in Charge of Me got together and said: Wow Chad cannot even hadle packing. I know! Lets let him work with the De-stacker which requires lots of skills and concentration and involves operating dangerous equipment!

I fail to see the logic.

So I worked with the De-Stacker today (actually a few days ago but we will pretend, a'ight?). and that things is pretty crazy. I was trained in the ways of the destacker by Bryan who realized right away that I was pretty helpless at this job and wasted very little time explaining things to me. He did teach me a new skill however and it is called MOVING CARTS. Mostly it involves moving these carts. The carts happen to be full of crates which happen to be full of cucumbers which is appropriate as this is a cucumber factory place-thing.

So I was getting really good at moving these carts and hooking them up to the destacker when suddenly Bryan told me that I HAVE TO DO CERTAIN COLORED CARTS AT CERTAIN TIMES!! Instantly MOVING CARTS got a whole lot harder. The good part is that there was a lot of down time between each cart so I got to work on another skill: PACING. Pacing helped me concentrate while I tried to figure out which color of cart came next.

If any of the People In Charge of Me came to check up on me I would stop pacing and instead use the Stand & Nod technique in which I observe the De-Stacker and pretend that everything is going to plan even if it wasn't. Which was often.

See these empty crates come from somewhere and go into the De-Stacker, and if they are crooked or sideways when they go in then the whole world explodes.Which is bad. So this one time I was using the Stand & Nod tecnique because one of the People in Charge of Me (Abel? Fredrick? Tony? I don't even know) was dangerously close. Suddenly TonAbelFredricky started yelling like the world was going to end and sure enough one of the crates was ON ITS SIDE so I had to switch the machine to manual and fix the problem. Which is really complicated because it involves unlabeled buttons. One of them was a self-desruct button I am pretty sure and so the whole world would have ended anyway if I had puched it. But no. I was amazing and saved everything.

The next day I was back to Packing.