Saturday, May 28, 2011


Things are totally ffreaking out. Or something.
I got a job. So thats cool or something.
 LEt me tell you about it:

DISCLAIMER: I do not hate my job as much as I am about to pretend i do.

K I work at a Cucumber plant. And yesterday was my very first day of work ever and I was all "YAY I am going to get there like twenty minutes early so that I will look soo prefresional!"! So I got to work and this boss lady was all: "do you have your Paperwork?" and then I remembered that fat stack of papers that I had thrown on my bookcase and not filled out after I was offered the job. I wanted to say "Yes. just not with me" but I  was too shocked to feel witty. SO I just ran home and got them and filled them out while my Wonderful mother drove me back to work and I ended up like twenty minutes late.

When I got back all the newbies were in the conference room watching Ultra Cheezy videos about discrimination and other things that are completely unrelated to cucumbers. Then boss lady left us alone with nothing to do for like half an hour and it was really awkward. Then she send us on break for another half an hour. Then someone was Really Flagrantly late so we got to watch the discrimination videos all over again!! Then we did nothing and a half (Which is more than nothing) For like ever.

Finally we went out to the cucumber packhouse. Where I was all excited to learn NEW SKILLS!!! Which is really cool cause they help you out in real life. Oh and the packhouse reminded me of Mr. Roger's Nieghborhood because they go visit factories and see where things are made. Like Crayons and Cucumbers. So my trainer took thirty seconds to teach me how to stack boxes of cucumbers. Then he told me that I know everything I need to know to work here for a year. So much for life skills. Later someone took twenty seconds to teach me how to pack cucumbers into the boxes. It involved counting to twelve.

So after doing all that for like five hours I got to go home and get ready for graduation. I couldn't help but find it totally hilarious that I was losing my freedom the same day all these cute little seniors were getting thiers. Thank you real world.
Also all I had on my agenda for graduation night was a game of Risk with my mom (Which did not even happen, P.S.)

So at least this weekend I have a family reunion right? Except oh no the real world wants to rob me of that too. Yeah I work all weekend : ( My family left me a cute and sincere note though. Oh and the whole house to myself,. And a car. I can pretend I am in college all over again. But instead of friends I now have a car. I'm moving up.

So today I we got off before one o'clock WHICH DOES NOT HAPPEN EVER. So I am going to spend the rest of the day Screaming 'The Lazy Song' by Bruno Mars and Eating delictables. Except I kindof just got my wisdom teeth out and still can't eat anything hard or open my mouth hardly. So that plan might be out the window...

My parents did leave me with some money so next on the agenda: $20 SHOPPING SPREE!!!!!!!
Somebody save me.

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  1. kekekekeke. i love those videos about discrimination and being nice to your co workers and stuff.
    And cars are awesome possum.