Friday, June 3, 2011

Work Part 2

So here is how things have gone with work so far:

All the People In Charge of Me got together on my first day and said: This Chad kid is new. Let's make him a stacker because that job takes little skill and concentration.

The next day the People In Charge of Me got together and said: Well Chad is a horrible stacker. Let's make him a packer as that job requires even less skill and concentration.

A few days later the People in Charge of Me got together and said: Wow Chad cannot even hadle packing. I know! Lets let him work with the De-stacker which requires lots of skills and concentration and involves operating dangerous equipment!

I fail to see the logic.

So I worked with the De-Stacker today (actually a few days ago but we will pretend, a'ight?). and that things is pretty crazy. I was trained in the ways of the destacker by Bryan who realized right away that I was pretty helpless at this job and wasted very little time explaining things to me. He did teach me a new skill however and it is called MOVING CARTS. Mostly it involves moving these carts. The carts happen to be full of crates which happen to be full of cucumbers which is appropriate as this is a cucumber factory place-thing.

So I was getting really good at moving these carts and hooking them up to the destacker when suddenly Bryan told me that I HAVE TO DO CERTAIN COLORED CARTS AT CERTAIN TIMES!! Instantly MOVING CARTS got a whole lot harder. The good part is that there was a lot of down time between each cart so I got to work on another skill: PACING. Pacing helped me concentrate while I tried to figure out which color of cart came next.

If any of the People In Charge of Me came to check up on me I would stop pacing and instead use the Stand & Nod technique in which I observe the De-Stacker and pretend that everything is going to plan even if it wasn't. Which was often.

See these empty crates come from somewhere and go into the De-Stacker, and if they are crooked or sideways when they go in then the whole world explodes.Which is bad. So this one time I was using the Stand & Nod tecnique because one of the People in Charge of Me (Abel? Fredrick? Tony? I don't even know) was dangerously close. Suddenly TonAbelFredricky started yelling like the world was going to end and sure enough one of the crates was ON ITS SIDE so I had to switch the machine to manual and fix the problem. Which is really complicated because it involves unlabeled buttons. One of them was a self-desruct button I am pretty sure and so the whole world would have ended anyway if I had puched it. But no. I was amazing and saved everything.

The next day I was back to Packing.

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