Monday, July 25, 2011

Remember when my blog was the coolest thing ever for a couple of seconds?

So I have determined that there is only a limited amount of funny to go around, and for some reason the fates have taken all my funny and given it to someone else. Or something. Maybe I wasn't worthy. Or maybe they like to mock me. Or maybe they are saving up for someone who is outragiously funny and makes everyone laugh everytime they open thier mouths. Like Ellen DeGeneres. Or Jim Gaffigan. Or Al Gore. If this is the case I may be willing to sacrifice being funny for the rest of my life. I really don't have anything else to offer the world though.

Maybe I can be an example of what not to do. You know how on TV shows like the aptly named 'What Not To Wear' people are presented to society as the epitome of bad? Their clothes are analized by professionials because those people are I guess just that bad at fashion. That's going to be me.

Someday someone will come across my scores of journals in which I have recorded everyday of my existance and decide that everyone needs to hear my story. And be the opposite of me. because no one should have to suffer my crippling social awkwardness and my inability to do menial tasks. Like phone calls. Or ordering food at a fast food place. Once my awkwardness at a drive through casued three oil rigs to explode in Alaska. Or maybe that was global warming. ha ha, Good one Al Gore.

So where was I going with this?  I think I was trying to relive my glory days. Or convince myself that this blog was at one time worth it. Or try to get you to not regret following it. Or just to make fun of Al Gore. That one never gets old :)

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  1. I still love your blogg. :) And I hope they make everyone learn about you in the future! The world would be a better place if they did. <3