Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laziness: Its a disease.

I have been so tired all day. And its only 10. Somebody shoot me. (Not 4 realz ya'll. I'm not suicidal.) But if you feel at all concerned feel free to stop by and bring me peanut butter cookies and gift certificates to book stores.

My bed has been my BFF since about one o'clock this morning and when I had to leave it for class at seven in the morning my bed was very distraught and threatened to leave me. Which was saddening because I didn't want to be seperated from my bed either. It took a flipping act of congress to get me out of bed today.
That's how it started.

I was totally determined to ditch my english class at eight, but I guess my feet didn't get the memo because just as the clock tower was ringing 8 they were walking me over to my class. I thought maybe it was meant to be or something, but yeah right, because that was the lamest class of all time ever. i was falling asleep the whole time and I felt like the living dead.

So as not to carry this baggage all day I am ditching my next class which I probably would have really liked. Because today everything is just out of whack. Also I feel about as active as a sack of flour. Maybe I can pretend to be really sick........

I just need to sit on a couch all day watching Buffy the vampire Slayer and eating ice cream. Good Plan.

ItS jUsT oNe Of ThOsE dAyS...........sdf;lkjvkndsjoerw,mvvd ljfdsoiwenmss oirewkjfds kjsnbvoiwe98 ndfjsdokfds,vxkl ,fsdjcxjfs anmjeweoi32 jsdfiosdf kjgcxbnadsoi yn eikdemz, mklpod,, . l .,l sdapfjwe.

That was code. Figure it out and it will lead you to riches and whatever.

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