Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fulipping Whitacre

remeber those youtube vids that I value over you?
Well Ima put some on here. Actually just three.
That are all Eric Whitacre songs.
I LOVE his music.
It just like speaks to my soul or something
Your don't have to watch any of them,
But they are all totally legit!

Here a boy sings Lux Aurumque. The middle part was changed to a segment from Whictiacre's show Paradise Lost.
After he stops singing he sneezes a lot and pleads for recognition
So you should probably skip that part
its annoying.
This is the afore mentioned segment of Paradise Lost in that other vid. Except this is legiter cuz it has a techno beat.
Which was intentional.
This is a remix of the Eighties song 'voices carry' by Til Tuesday.
It is so amazing I cannot even tell you.

K your lives are enriched. Be greatful.

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