Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well it looks like I'm alone again

I am home alone again for a few days sue to my family is on a trip and left me here to work. yay.

Its interesting the things I learn about myself whilst home alone. For example I do not eat. Like at all. Its kinda sad. Also I think that there is nothing to do but internet. Which is NOT TRUE.

Its not all bad though. I am going to join them tomorrow by driving to Pheonix and getting on a plane by myself!! I'm terrified!! :D

i am so terribly klutzy and awkward that something is bound to go terribly wrong. Not like life-threatening wrong, more like I-will-always-remeber-how-stupid-and-embarrassed-I-feel-right-now wrong.

I want to say that No one will be safe at sky harbor airport once I step in, but that sounds really threatening and would probably get me arrested if any airport personel were to read it.

K lets put it into perspective: i have been on a plane only once in my life, and that was sixth grade for the sea camp trip. My parents weren't there, but we were heavily guarded by chaperones. Even then I found a way to embarass myself by throwing up all over everything. Which is bad. If you throw up in an airport, people pretend to feel bad for you but underneath they are really saying 'I can't belive this kid throwing up everywhere and making us pretend to feel bad. Lets glare at him when he is not looking.' The event is probably on youtube. Actually on second thought it probably isn't on youtube because youtube wasn't invented yet. If I throw up tomorrow you can bet your lucky stars that I will be trending within 24 hours.

Also I am terrified of terrorists. With the serious security at airports there must be dozens of 'em trying to blow things up like everyday. What am I supposed to do if I am confronted by a terrorist? I don't even know. Probably hunt him down and shoot him but not release the photos online and shrowd the event in mystery. Thats what my president would want. Or twitter about it.

Also (and this is a little embarassing)  I have only driven down to the valley once. And it was last week. What if I forget that I am driving and crash into a tree? It could happen. Or what if I pick up a hichhiker who also happens to be a terrorist? Or a Zombie? And what do I do if the air port is not where y GPS tells me it is? And what if I run out of gas on the rez? There is so much to worry about.

And don't even get me started on the layovers...

(Hey ya''ll sorry that this post is stupid. You probably hate me. I am just not on top of my game. But I feel the need to post this mediocre crap anyway. I blame cucumbers.)

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