Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hope this is worth reading.

I find that some of my best posts happen when I just start typing with no goal in mind. This will be one of those.

Jamming to Britney Spears. And thinking about things. like why am I suddenly not funny. I am such a failure at  life. Bleh. Well I guess  I will keep saying things anyway. Even though they are stupid. And the girl I want to date is in a relationship. And I can't date her anyway because I am going on a mission in no time flat. I would mention her name but if she read this it would be really awkward. I'm pretty sure we are supposed to get married though. She doesn't know yet. Or that I exist probably.

Also I am at home tonight for the one millionth time in a row. That is what I miss about college: being able to hang out with people. I haven't done that since a long time ago. I hope you all feel very sorry for me. I just need to lose myself in a choclate oblivion

OH OH OH OH!!!!! My new obsession: The Voice on NBC. It's like the next American Idol. BUt nothing is better than American Idol. heres a clip:

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  1. I miss going out every night too!! augh. All my tucson friends are totally lame right now.